Give Your Home New Skin

The only area of the home more exposed to the elements than a roof, is your siding. New siding or cladding, not only makes a statement, but can resist Texas storms and save energy costs.

Title Roofing installs new siding for homeowners and offers replacement and repair when damaged. We are experienced in all siding materials, even stucco and Hardie Plank. Take advantage of a free siding inspection to discuss if repair or replacement is the best option.

Siding Materials

Siding comes in just as many textures and materials as roofing systems. Traditional materials have always been in demand and include wooden planks, stucco, brick and stone. Although more expensive compared to manufactured siding, traditional materials provide a classic look. Mixing traditional materials with cheaper options like vinyl creates a unique look and saves budget.

Pre-fabricated siding comes in a variety of colors and can mimic traditional designs, such as engineered wood siding. Some need painted, and others are maintenance free. Hardie Plank siding or fiber cement is installed in panels with nails. In North Dallas, fiber cement siding is frequently chosen for its durability, energy efficiency and design options.

Vinyl siding is still the most popular choice nationwide, determined by the U.S. Census Bureau in an annual report. In fact, Vinyl has been king of siding for decades. However, in the South, brick is first for new homes, with vinyl tied with fiber cement.

Vinyl is lighter than fiber cement making it easier and less expensive to install. Vinyl also has less maintenance and doesn’t need painted as frequently as other materials.

Modern materials are also an option. Title’s crew is experienced at installing metal for siding on contemporary homes in addition to metal roofs. Glass can also be used for front facing walls that go beyond a window view.

Siding Repair & Painting

Call Title after a storm for a free inspection. Our team can visually inspect siding integrity and estimate how much was damaged after a storm. We typically ask the following during a siding inspection:

  • When was the siding installed?
  • Do you know the manufacturer or the warranty status?
  • Did you purchase the siding or did you purchase the home with it already in place?
  • Have you experienced water damage, mold growth or simply excess moisture, etc?
  • What are your monthly electricity costs in the summer?
  • Does your insurance cover siding replacement?

Based on your response and our visual inspection, we can recommend repair or a full replacement. Paint and sanding down wood siding can also go a long way. Rely on Title for all aspects of your job, from siding removal to installation and maintenance.