Roofs come in all shapes and sizes and vary by region, climate, and design preference. Although Texas is in the southwest, tile roofing isn’t widespread. Instead, asphalt roof shingles are the most popular roof material, which is also the case for the entire U.S.

Title's team has experience repairing and installing all types of roofing. We help homeowners choose a material that matches budget, performance and improves home equity.

Do You Have a Choice?

Installing a new roof gives a homeowner the greatest freedom to choose a material. Warranty defects, typically require replacing a roof from the same manufacturer. Insurance claims on roofs, could also require the same material, even when a full replacement is needed.

Not every roof material will be compatible with your home, depending on the slope. Some roof systems are heavy and need adequate structural support to be installed. Take advantage of our free inspection to uncover your options.

Roofs with the Best Durability

Choosing a roof is a serious decision. Modern roofs are warrantied to last for 15 years, up to 70 and more, so a decision could affect you and future homeowners.

Most modern roof materials are long-lasting, but it depends on the grade, layers and coatings which can further laminate a roof from moisture. Metal roofs as a category are extremely durable and easily withstand hail and the elements. As a rule, spending more on better materials, delivers a roof with better durability and protection against weather.

Roofs with the Best Design

Decades ago, if you wanted the look of a terra cotta roof, you needed a terra cotta clay tile roof. Modern roofs today, allow for a variety of designs and textures that mimic classic styles. The imitation roofs look so good, even professionals can be fooled, until closer inspection!

The main reason for installing a synthetic roof is to save on material and labor cost. For example, slate roofs are one of the most expensive roofing systems, and the cost to install can be even higher. Synthetic slate is cheaper and easier to install. Composite roofs also tend to have less maintenance and cleaning required.

Roofs with Energy Savings

Roofing materials can also affect home energy costs. Lighter colored asphalt shingles are a better choice than black asphalt roof shingles, which can hold heat in the attic. Asphalt shingles can also be rated by ENERGY STAR® which can provide even greater savings. Dallas summers get hot, and choosing a roof that can help save on monthly electric costs is a wise investment. Let us know if you are thinking of going solar, which can also impact material options.

Roofs with Low Maintenance

Most roofs require some level of maintenance. Homeowners should contact Title after major hailstorms to inspect for roof damage and prevent leaks. Asphalt shingles can grow mold, moss and algae. Other roof materials may require yearly maintenance to retain the warranty.

Metal roofs have the least amount of maintenance, and are protected against rust. In general, metal roofing doesn't require cleaning and is rarely damaged in hail and wind storms. Some cheaper metal roofs can dent and affect appearance.

Roofs with Easiest Installation

Roofs have both a material and a labor cost. Title's crew is skilled on installing all roofs, but certain types require extensive planning. Metal panel roofs can be the fastest to install. Instead of shingles, large panels are mounted, which can be completed for a small home in less than a day. Slate and tile roofs take the longest to install.

Obstructions can also add time to completion. Skylights and solar panels slow down a re-roofing project. Roofs with custom copper accents and chimney coverings take time, but will look beautiful! At Title, we also strive for quality work over rushed projects.

Asphalt RoofingAsphalt Roofing

Most homes and commercial buildings with a slope roof, rely on asphalt shingles. An all-around good choice for small budgets with many design options.

Asphalt RoofingMetal Roofing

Metal roofs are growing in popularity, and can be seen throughout North Dallas. Made from either aluminum, galvanized steel, zinc, tin or even copper. Metal can either make a bold statement with a variety of color options, or imitate traditional roofing materials.

Tile RoofingTile Roofing

Tile roofs make a statement and are prized for their beauty and performance. Made from clay or concrete, tile is expensive to install, but can have a long lifespan if well maintained. Tile doesn’t have to have the iconic Terra Cotta look. Tile roofs can simulate wood or any architectural style.

Wooden RoofsWood Shingles and Shakes

Cedar, cypress and pine are typically used for wooden shingles. Shakes are manufactured differently, to deliver a textured look. Maintenance is higher than an asphalt roof and installation is expensive. In North Dallas, this type of roof is most common on historical homes.

Slate RoofSlate and Faux Slate Roofing

Slate is one of the most expensive roofing materials to install, but it can outlast most homes. Composite slate is a more economical option with the same look of beautiful stone. Stone-coated steel roofs are another option to imitate the look of slate at a cheaper cost.